Wow my eyebrows look great today and that’s ALL THAT MATTERS

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yeah this isn’t funny anymore i wanna go home:(

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Crying and eating are the two things I do best

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Holiday by Weezer
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favorite movie

favorite movie

Really just wanna be asleep next to you rn

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Chicago in the summer is awesome! Tons of great music festivals, dancing and enjoying the outdoors! But have you ever been to a music fest and been grabbed, groped or grinded on when you surely did not want to be?? Yeah, we hear you. We here at Between Friends believe that everyone should be able…

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Old Mountain Bikes by The Obsessives
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Fucking FUCK this weekend did not go as planned. Been looking forward to riot fest for months and I’m missing so many of my favorite bands. I just want to go home and drop out of school and never get my hopes up again

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This weekend has taught me to never rely on other people again

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 Bathtub (series) - Rebecca Rusheen

"A photo exploration of water transparency" - Rebecca Rusheen

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